Chalk Art

Welcome to the newest craft in town. Chalk art is fun and easy! Register for a party today and join the fun!

In the gallery below you can view several dozen design ideas for your chalk art creation. You will decide exactly what you would like to create at the party. Register by simply choosing a size and type of board. There are always new designs being released, so there will be even more designs at the party than you see available in the gallery. There are also 10 different alphabet fonts that you could use to design your own saying as well. The possibilities are endless!

You can also create Chalk Art on your own DIY style. Just order a great Chalk Box kit and a squeegee to get started. Take a look at the full catalog and find your vibe. Home décor has a whole new name, and it's Chalk Couture.

Chalk Art Design Ideas

5 x 7

5x7 p1
5x7 p2
5x7 p3
5x7 p4
5x7 p5
5x7 p6

10 x 10

10x10 p1
10x10 p2
10x10 p3
10x10 p4

9 x 12

9x12 p1
9x12 p2
9x12 p3
9x12 p4

6 x 18

6x18 (1)
6x18 p2

12 x 18

12x18 p1
12x18 p2

18" Round

18R p1
18R p2

18 x 24

18x24 p1
18x24 p2
18x24 p3
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